Inspired by the concept of mixing realism with surrealism, I began my affair with photography.
Empowered by statements, emotions, & reflections of life, photography is a tool I utilize to connect with viewers.
With my photographs I seek to unleash the hidden possibilities of the viewers' subconscious, while representing the subject matter beautifully & realistically.
I have dedicated much time teaching myself the appropriate techniques that allow me the freedom to explore controversial ways of expression, without interfering with the spontaneous act of creation.
By focusing on the technical aspects of photography, I have developed & enhanced my individual style. Through my approach, I illuminate the subject, while communicating my vision.
My background in acting influences my approach to directing & facilitates my ability to communicate with the people I collaborate with.
I am better able to set a mood, which allows others to open up & be more vulnerable to new interpretations.
My photos are not intended to manipulate the viewer to feel what I feel, but to provoke them.
I aspire to intensify & broaden the natural instinctive state of mind by challenging boundaries & restrictions.
I strive to capture sheer emotions, free of insecure consciousness, in one still frame.
Simultaneously, the images I take reflect a view of the world, which is balanced between beauty & pain.


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